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How can our Learning Packs help you?

We believe in high quality learning for everyone. We also believe it should be quick and easy for teachers to find resources informed by the best most robust educational research available. That’s why we’ve created Sketchnote Packs, designed specifically to support the self-improving teacher and leader and start your journey to become a School as a Learning Organisation.

Get your hands on research-informed teaching resources that make your life easier and support your pupils to make demonstrable progress. Our free sketchnotes have been incredibly popular around the world in helping teachers access and use the best research-informed learning strategies with their pupils and are becoming an essential source of professional learning for educators. Now we have gone one step further and created Sketchnote Professional Learning Packs. Each pack is focused on one of our most popular sketchnotes, taking you step-by-step through practical actions that will allow you to make the very best use of the research that informs it.

How does it all work?

Our awesome Sketchnote Professional Learning Packs are available by subscription only. For just £7 a month, you will receive a sketchnote pack every half term split in to actions suitable at classroom, departmental and whole school level. You’ll also receive straight to your inbox, all of the latest sketchnotes that we create each month before they are published on our website. So far, we have over 150 sketchnotes and counting. So, that’s a lot of resources for you to use in your classroom!

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